Abject Poverty In So-Called Free Country.

In 1994 South Africa was declared a free country after so many years of the white domination. A lot was expected as the government promised so many things such as job creation, the improvement in standard of our education system. But 26 years later, here we are facing the ENEMY called Abject
in our so-called free Country.

Each and every year we see thousands of people losing jobs in big companies some of which are state owned entities. We even see the youth of our country wandering up and down looking for anything that can help them improve the standard of living in their families, some even
drop out in Universities/Schools because the system has failed them.

Abject poverty is so real to the point that Alcohol and drug abuse increase each and every day, the question is, are we really free if we still lack basic human needs such as food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health and shelter? Some homes even go several days without food on their table, yes we are free but still chained and caged by the abject poverty in our so-called free country.

Each quarter of every year we see the youth obtaining their Higher Education Qualifications with the hope that they will be able to
change the situations at homes, but those dreams are shattered. Each day “more Graduates, less job opportunities” they even get Internships for experience and after few years of that they are released only to get fresh blood from Universities for exploitation. It is heart breaking to know that there are families in communities that go to bed each day without food, let alone having access to better health facilities.

We even ask ourselves if there’s any hope, we all do not know as the Government seems to be failing us each and every day, some people are keen to open their businesses and create job opportunities but it seems like the process for funding is an obstacle for the poorer of the poorest. Some people end up doing immoral things just to get jobs and funding, sometimes they get scammed. Abject poverty pushes so many people away from their homes, some become homeless and even give themselves to drugs(Nyaope) and prostitution.

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