How to build a website for free – CSS (part 5)

Welcome back to our article on “how to build a website for free”. In this article we gonna focus more on our section part. In case you missed the previous article don’t worry, you can still go back and check it here: How to build a website for free part 4. So without wasting any time let get into business.

Service Section

Just like the previous articles since you are more familiar with other properties. I’m just gonna skip some of them so that I keep this article as short as possible. So Without further ado let get into it. Our first property is box-shadow which is almost similar to our property in our previous article which was text-shadow. What might be confusing in this statement might be the last value “rgba” which is not that so confusing. All I did in this statement I wanted to control the opacity of our color in our shadow. The next property is the border-radius which is very simple. I want to make the corners of my box round, cause I don’t want them straight. You can leave them straight if you want to. So giving your border-radius value is gonna determine how round you want your corners.

Then the rest of the property should make sense. Cause I guess there’s nothing that I didn’t explain about these properties. Now it’s for you to figure out how these works and you can play around them.


This is where I leave you again, your homework should be to figure out how these properties work and just play around with them. Otherwise, see you in the next article (CSS – part 6) where we will be wrapping things up.

As always if you want to learn more about this you can always go back to my previous article or go straight to this website to learn more: w3schools.

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