How to build a website for free – CSS (part 6)

Welcome back to our article on “how to build a website for free”. This gonna be our last styling part on our website then we can view it to see the result. In this article, we gonna focus on our contact section and footer. Like any other article, if you missed the previous article, feel free go to visit it here: How to build a website for free part 5. So without wasting any time let get to business.

Contact Section

In this section I’m not gonna go deep in explaining what is happening, I’m just gonna scratch the surface. Cause I think you pretty much understand all the properties on the above image what they do. Let me just explain the input selector which is the textbox. I’m tryna make it look nice, be of the correct size, and be placed in the middle so that it looks great. The same goes for the button I want it to be of the same size and be in the same position as my input. Our last selector is the footer, which there’s nothing much going on there rather than putting copyright and centering my text.

I know I didn’t explain much in this article cos I assume that everything is making sense by now. From here you can view your web page to see the result it should look different. And in case if you forgot how to load your page you can go back to this article. If it loads successfully and looks different or very nice then congratulation you are now a Front-end web developer. You can start building websites for people and start making that dough. And again thank you for making it this far, congratulation.

The end

As always if you don’t understand anything feel free to contact me or learn more on this website: w3schools

Otherwise, see you in the next article.

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