How to build a website for free – Text editor

Welcome back to our article on “how to build a website for free”. You are done building your website and now it looks beautiful. But sometimes it is not possible to write plenty of code without making any errors. And I’m sure you have noticed that when you were writing the code. So how do you avoid that and minimize your errors? this is what we going to learn in this article. So without wasting any time let’s get into it.

What is a Test editor?

I assume you asking yourself what is a text editor? Well, A text editor is a program that is used to open, view, and edit raw text. The text editor that you were using to write your website was a Microsoft pre-installed text editor which is dry and boring. In modern days you won’t be using this Microsoft pre-installed text editor you’ll require something that is more sophisticated. Most of them are pre-configured for HTML and CSS. So what do I mean when I say they are pre-configured for these languages. What is so special about that is that they will auto-complete the code for you, auto-format, they will highlight if you have a syntax error/missed a syntax and etc. Isn’t that great?  Of cause it is. To give you an idea of what am I talking about look at the image below showing you how nice it looks.

How to  build a website for free
How to  build a website for free

So as you can see it looks good and eliminates a lot of errors for you. Like they say good things come with a price. Unfortunately this does not come installed on Microsoft operating system. So you have to download it from the internet which does not require much data. Besides it is worth downloading because this saves you a lot of time when coding.

Text Editors

There is a lot of these text editors to choose from but I can only recommend a few of them that I have experience in using them. First is sublime text this is one of the best it is light, fast, and beginner-friendly. The second is notepad++ which is also light, fast, and beginner-friendly. There is vs code and atom which I would not recommend for someone whose new and who will be only coding HTML and CSS.


So this is where I’m gonna leave you. This is what you need to know. I’m not gonna talk about IDEs and the difference between an IDE and a text editor. If you would like to know, you can leave a comment then I’ll write something about that. Otherwise I’ll see you next time where we will be deploying the website.

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