4 Software that you should know.

People know computers just by playing music, viewing pictures, browsing the internet, etc.  what they don’t know is what goes other the hood. Some people don’t even know what is an operating system. In this article I’m going to elaborate 4 software that you should know or be familiar with. Of course it’s not a necessity but that shouldn’t deprive you from knowing these software. Just because you can’t see your soul, spirit and mind that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about their existence right?

What is a software?

A software is a collection of instructions that tells a computer what to do.

So without going any further let’s discus about the 4 software that you should know. These software’s allows you to utilise your computer effectively.

1. BIOS(Basic Input Output System)

BIOS is a software also described as a firmware that runs first when you turn on your computer. So you ask yourself what is its purpose? The purpose of BIOS is to check your settings, then initialise your hardware . Then it will run POST (Power On Self Test) to check if all your devices are connected or working properly. If there’s a problem with one of your hardware it will warn you. Otherwise BIOS will continue loading the OS’s MBR(Master Boot Record). The BIOS then runs the OS Boot loader, the OS bootloader will load the Operating System then the BIOS goes to sleep. The BIOS lives on the flash memory on the motherboard.

2. OS(Operating System)

Operating system also known as an OS is the complex software that communicates with the hardware and also allows your favourite programs to run. It’s like an environment that allows your application software to inhabit. So without the OS there is no way that you can run your favourite application software. These are the commonly used OS: Desktop; Microsoft Windows, Linux, MAC OS and FreeBSD, Mobile; IOS and Android.

3. Device Driver

Device driver is a piece of software that allows your operating system to communicate with the other extra hardware of your computer. Imagine you want to print documents, your operating system needs a means to communicate with your printer. The device driver play that important role. So why must you know about device drivers? Well sometimes the OS cannot detect the appropriate drivers for your hardware. That is where you come in because you’re gonna need to install them manually. Sometimes you may notice that when you purchase a new hardware like a dedicated graphic card or printer it may come with a CD containing device drivers that you need to install for the hardware to function.

4. Application Software

Application software is a program that you use to do your favourite task on your computer. Examples of applications software’s are Microsoft Office, Anti-Virus, Photoshop, Games etc. these are the end user software. Meaning these are the software that you interact with when you want a certain task to be done then they interact with the Operating System. In most cases you’ll install these application software by yourself so you should know how to do so.


So to give you a summary of these 4 software your: 

  • BIOS communicates with your hardware when you turn on your computer.
  • Application software  communicates with the OS 
  • OS  communicates with the device drivers 
  • Device drivers communicates with the hardware  

To give a more illustrative scenario, I like comparing computers with being alive. What I mean is picture a hardware as your body, the OS as your soul and application software as your emotions.

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